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The newest TrichoScience Pro (c) version 1.3 has been released in November of 2013.

It has three different editions - Special (SE), Classic (CE) and Limited (LE), which differ by a number of diagnostic and analytical tools offered.

TrichoScience Pro© v1.3 

Specialized diagnostic computer software for professional use by specialists – trichologists, MDs, dermatologists and other hair professionals. The program is also used for clinical trials of hair products and for the patients’ follow-up.

The software allows performing and managing the most necessary specialized activities in Trichology: build session reports, view previous sessions, manage patient data, outpatient cards, perform global photograph studies, run fully automatic measurements and calculations and much more. 

Important features and options: Dermatoscopy, Trichoscopy, Trichogram, Phototrichogram.

TrichoScience Pro© v1.3 SE

The Special Edition is the most complete and advanced version for most comprehensive professional usage and scientific research goals.

New convenient and user friendly interface 

The main Program Manager module enables easy access to all program features: 

  • management of specific patient sessions and outpatient cards, 
  • scalp pigmented lesion assessments,
  • global photograph studies,
  • instant Trichoscopy diagnostic session by means of Express-Trichoscopy module
  • and much more. 

Important diagnostic features: Trichoscopy and Dermatoscopy, Trichogram and Phototrichogram with the functions of hair follicular units calculation, hair density and diameter measurements, anagen/ telogen ratio, calculation of terminal and vellus hairs and % of vellus in telogen hairs 

Important updates:                          

The new automatic Phototrichogram function for all hairs lengths, diameters and density measurements has been added to the TrichoScience Pro v1.3. 


TrichoScience Pro© v1.3 CE Base version

This version Includes all the options of the most complete TrichoScience Pro©  v1.3 SE,  except for Trichogram and Dermatoscopy, as well as Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale module.

TrichoScience Pro© v1.3 LE

A light version that offers minimally required set of diagnostic tools for a reasonable price

This version does not include Trichogram, Phototrichogram, Dermatoscopy, Hair Calculator, Automatic Conclusion and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale modules.

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