Professional Equipment


A new series of  professional Trichoscopes. Excellent diagnostic tools for a reasonable price

TrichoAnalyzer videocamera has a special handle convenient to hold and scan hair and scalp while taking images.

A set of interchangeable magnifying lenses (the amount and magnification of lenses depends on the model) is supplied for the system.

The trichoscope is placed in the convenient box that allows getting a mobile trichology office everywhere.

Suitable for dermatoscopy, trichoscopy and phototrichogram. 

*Coming next year

Stereotaxic positioning device Fotoimaging*

Hand Made from deciduous wood (beech, ashwood, oak tree).  


Professional equipment that allows to get quality reproducible images under standardized conditions at each session. The method of global photographs is known in dermatology & trichology and is widely used for: examination of hair & scalp condition, assessment of the efficacy of treatment


*The Stereotaxic device does not include the camera and the set of flashes. You can use your own camera (preferably a reflex camera) or buy a suitable one.  

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